Fashion advice on wearing bracelets

Bracelets have been worn by people from different places around the world for centuries now, and they still remain favorite accessories for many of us. However, some are reluctant to wear bracelets for no good reason: they think that bracelets are hard to match with other accessories and they’re clunky. In this article we will prove you that wearing bracelets is easy and stylish!

How to match bracelets with other jewelry

Consider the metal from which your other accessories are made, and then follow the simple rule — don’t mix metals! If you’re wearing gold — choose a nice golden bracelet to match it, if it’s silver — then go for the silver all the way. However, you can mix metal with something else — for example, pearls or beads —and it will work great if you’re wearing bracelets on both wrists.

Try not to wear bracelets with several pendants or layer them if you’re already wearing some rings — that will make your hands look heavy; think of it as a rule “the less is more”.

Make it comfortable

 Wearing a bracelet shouldn’t be a burden for you; ideally, you shouldn’t even notice you’re wearing it. Make sure that you’re buying a bracelet of the right size, so as not to be afraid that it will slip off and get lost if too big, or that it will damage your wrist if too small. If you need to move your wrist a lot or to rest your hand on the desk, don’t wear heavy bracelets with pendants — they will come in your way and constrict movements, as well as clank and distract you and others.

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