Stacking rings: a recent trend in the fashion world

A ring is a simple yet effective piece of jewelry, which beautifully compliments your fingers and hand as well. A single ring, although a classic, is a bit outdated; if you want to make an unforgettable impression, you should definitely try stacking rings!

Stacking rings is not as easy as it seems; if you wear too few — it will lose the flavor, too many rings — and you would look like a child who stole jewelry from her mom. These 3 tips will help you become a pro at stacking rings.

  1. Don’t overdo it

The first and the most important tip is to not put on too many rings on one hand (or even on one finger). The best option would be to leave two-three fingers without rings at all; for example, wear two simple bands on your index finger and one ring with a stone on your ring finger. Or you can change this combination by leaving out these two fingers and wearing rings on your thumb, middle finger and pinky.

  1. Make them match

That’s the main rule of wearing any piece of jewelry — you have to keep in mind the metal it’s made of. Pick only the rings of the same material and color, though the stones may be of various colors!

  1. Play with styles

Be creative! Combine rings of different designs and patterns, with and without stones. Try creating symmetry by choosing the right places for your different rings, and here’s the trick — wear rings not only on the finger’s lower part, but on a higher one as well!

Make sure you have enough rings to create nice combinations with — buy rings online in our store! You will be pleasantly surprised by the great choice of rings for every occasion!

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